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Rob Stewart reviews the Snow Mule backpack as seen on the BBC’s The Dragons Den and finds out that it’s worth every penny of investment on a family ski holiday.
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Families that want an easier life.
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Ever had trouble lugging around all the kids ski gear and your own too? Had them moaning and groaning and lagging way behind?

The Snow Mule Backpack was designed by family skiers for family skiers to ensure a smoother, more relaxed experienced with the little ones in tow.

I recently took it out on a family holiday to Austria where my 3 year old daughter took full advantage of the 'ski straps' that are built into the pack specifically to pull them along with. This was great when skiing around the nursery slope as she just held on and I could pull her up. On the way, she still had something to hold onto and for a little more stability, I tried reversing the straps so she skied in front. This worked really well.

Ski straps on the side and pole straps on the front mean that you can carry your own skis easily and not even notice you've got another couple of pairs strapped to your back.

The great idea and clever design was taken seriously by some of the 'Dragons' on the BBC's Den and I wonder if we will see Theo wearing one on the slopes next winter.

For me, I also liked the fact that it looks and feels like a 'proper' backpack and I'd be happy wearing it when skiing off-piste with my friends as I would on the nursery slope with my daughter.
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