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Rob Stewart reviews the Oakley OTG (over the glasses) ski goggles in all conditions and finds them comfortable to wear and providing clear vision in all conditions.
oakley canopy snow otg goggles
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Skiers and snowboarders who wear specs.
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Californian eyewear company Oakley are one of the leading brands of ski goggles on the market.

Recently they have launched a new OTG (Over the Top) ski goggle which I have tested in all conditions (sun, snow, fog and high-cloud) this year in the Austrian Tyrol.

Over the Top goggles are designed to fit over prescription spectacles and are essential for anyone who cannot wear contact lenses when skiing, but still need to see where they are going.

I fit into that category. Getting decent OTG goggles is not easy, but these models from Oakley are very good. The goggles fit snugly over most eyewear without pressing down on them, so you don’t even realise you’ve got them on.
Anyone looking at you would not think you were wearing anything under your googles either, they do not protrude in any way.

One frustration I found with these goggles which can be common with OTG’s, is that my spectacles steamed up every time I stopped skiing, in all conditions. Many OTG goggles do this, but not all as much as this –

Conclusion; look and feel great but the misting up was frustrating.

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