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The Trixski ski carrier promises an easy and convenient carrying solution for up to 2 pairs of skis. We test how they shape up in the real world, and if it's really as simple as it seems.

trixski carrier
Overall Score
Simple, robust solution to one of the hassles of skiing.
Requires a little practice to attach swiftly, and not long enough to be worn across the body.

The Trixski ski carrier is a simple webbing strap that is intended to make it easier to carry skis whilst off the piste. It simply attaches to the paired skis above and below the bindings with a broad strap over the shoulder.

For those whose skis neatly clip together and stay that way, the Trixski will be the answer to a question that hasn't been asked. For those of us (like me) who's skis seem to have a malevolent mind of their own when being carried, this is a useful gadget.

The device is pretty straightforward to attach, using broad Velcro tabs, but there is an element of 'fiddle factor' particularly when in the stress of a lift queue and whilst wearing gloves. The product instructions clearly say that it should be removed before stowing outside cable-cars, presumably to avoid snagging a flapping strap. For these reasons its usefulness is limited to getting to the first lift of the day, and getting back from the final one.

Once installed however, it does provide a secure, almost hands-free vertical carry of both skis and poles. I say 'almost' as it really requires a steadying hand to keep hold of the strap when worn on one shoulder, to prevent it slipping off. Though the manufacturer claims it can be worn across the body, the strap proved too short for this to be achieved in practice.

An optional extra pair of straps allows two pairs of skis to be carried at the same time. In some circumstances this could prove useful, but the added complexity of setting it all up, and the weight of two pairs of skis hanging from one point limits the usefulness.

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