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Billed as the ultimate multi-sport baselayer, we put the British-made High Contrast top and leggings to the test. Could Burnt Custard's offering prove the crème brulee of the crop?

burnt custard high contrast set
Overall Score
Great colourways and customisation
Very close fitting, but then they are compression baselayers. Consider a size up from normal

In a world chock-full of baselayer options, Burnt Custard (BC) make quite a claim. But it's hard to deny they stand out from the crowd, in more ways than one.

Firstly the design and colour options of their products mark them out as a more interesting choice than most of the dull, dark products available. And we think the styling is right on the money. If you're not taken by any of the colour options, however, you have the choice to simply design your own, using the customise option on their website.

Secondly, their construction process is unique. BC use nylon microfibres made my Meryl, who have been creating these fibres for almost 100 years. However, BC's approach is to bring the fibres in-house and knit them with lycra in a vertical weave, rather than the more common crosshatch. Stop me if I'm getting boring, but the result is a much softer, next-to-skin feel.

In use, this works. My initial impression putting the top on, was that it felt a bit like squeezing into a wetsuit. The super-fine yarn may be less than 10 microns, but BC's construction makes for seriously robust feel to the lightweight fabric. The close, compressing fit - like a wetsuit - soon finds it's way around the contours of the body, to become a barely noticeable second skin. Again, like a wetsuit.

The two-layer construction also cleverly allows the yarn to contract or expand with body temperature, which produces a really effective wicking action. Combined with natural odour control, UV protection and fast drying properties, the performance on the hill is superb.

BC also claim the fabric won't sag over time, which is a big tick for a product which is set to become a go to piece for almost any activity, from snow sports to warm-weather surfing.

The final stand-out claim from BC is that their products are British made. Legally only 14% of a product needs to be constructed in the UK to qualify for this claim. BC however, take it more literally; the Meryl yarn is made overseas, but BC bring it into Nottingham to knit into fabric, and construct the finished garments at their factory in Cirencester. When a company goes so far beyond their legal requirements, it instils a lot of confidence!

The High Contrast set performed superbly in a huge range of temperatures on a hiking trip in the Alps; comfort, moisture management, thermal properties and weight were beyond criticism. The purported versatility - although not tested here - makes these products an absolute steal at the price.








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