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We test out the Columbia Women's Slopeside Peak™ Luxe Waterproof Snow Boot to see if it’s up to keeping you warm, dry and comfortable in the snow. 

So comfy - like a hug for your feet!
Fairly boring colourways.

Weight: 15.9 oz / 451 g (Size 5 UK or 38 EU, ½ pair)

Sizes: UK 3 - 10

Buy Columbia Women's Slopeside Peak™ Luxe Waterproof Snow Boot £80.50 at

TL;DR Review

Stylish, warm and cushiony-soft, the Slopeside Peak™ Luxe Waterproof Snow Boots are the perfect companion for your après-ski adventures. 

Founded in the wild Pacific Northwest, Columbia is an outdoor brand that is well known in both the summer and winter sports communities for its quality gear and innovations. Everything from constantly improving synthetic insulation to developing more eco-conscious gear is included in their evolving range of products. 

columbia-Slopeside-Peak- Luxe-Waterproof-Snow-Boots

Who are the Slopeside Peak™ Luxe Waterproof Snow Boots aimed at?

It’s that age-old question: You’re going skiing, you have your ski boots, but what other footwear do you take along for when you’re not skiing? Often this splits people into two camps: the heavy winter walking boot wearers, and the ones who chuck in a random pair of trainers. Both sides have problems, whether it be struggling with big, bulky and often over-speced boots, or sliding about in your trusty pair of Converses, which, while providing comfort and style, provide next to nothing when it comes to providing grip and keeping the cold and damp at bay.

And that’s where the Columbia Slopeside Peak™ Luxe Waterproof Snow Boot comes in. Lighter than your typical winter walking boot with a decent waterproof rating and a main focus on keeping your feet toasty, they are the perfect choice for wandering through a ski resort or partying on the pistes. The Slopesides are also marketed towards urban use for those snow days in the city, so they aren’t a one-hit-wonder to be used once a year in the mountains. 

Slopeside Peak™ Luxe Waterproof Snow Boot materials & their meaning:

The outside of the Slopeside Peak™ Luxe Waterproof Snow Boots are made up of a waterproof combination of suede & embossed textile which gives the boots a unique look as well as keeping the melting snow from invading. The outsole uses Omni-Grip™ technology, which is a non-marking traction rubber. We found that this provided a great grip when things get slippery underfoot. The deep lugs will dig into snow to help you keep your feet, just keep your wits about you when you hit sheet ice!

Moving on to the interior of the Slopesides, and this is where they come into their own. The boots have an Omni-Heat™ Infinity reflective lining, which is covered in hundreds of tiny, shiny gold dots, which reflect your body heat back at you to keep you warmer longer.

There is also a small section of faux-fur at the very top of the lining which adds a little extra warmth, but is mainly an aesthetic extra. The Techlite™ lightweight midsole is also super comfortable and will allow you to stay on your feet for hours. Slipping into the Slopesides is a heavenly feeling after spending the day in ski boots!


Style, fit and features:

In terms of style the boots are certainly unique. They look fairly understated at first glance and are available in two colourways, ‘Shark, Clematis Blue’, which has an overall grey look with blue laces, or the ‘Black, Graphite’, which is mostly black, with a lighter faux-fur section. Looking closer, you notice the mix of different materials used in the Slopesides which make them unlike a lot of other snow boots out there.

In terms of fit, these boots do run a little small, and Columbia themselves recommend going up by half a size from what you normally wear. We tested a pair that was a whole size up from our usual and they fit well, especially while wearing with thicker socks. Because of this, it’s best to try before you buy if possible!

Tester’s verdict:

Overall, the Slopeside Peak™ Luxe Waterproof Snow Boot is a fantastic choice of snow boot for those of us who value comfort and warmth, without buying something overly technical.

Great value at £115, they will serve you well standing around in the snow on a ski holiday, but also have the potential to be worn back home, whether it’s sledding with the kids or wandering around town on a snowy day.

Buy Columbia Women's Slopeside Peak™ Luxe Waterproof Snow Boot £80.50 at

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