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The hunt for the perfect pair of ski boots is a familiar tale, so we take a pair of custom-fitted Salomon S/Pro 100s out for a spin on the slopes to see if they can come close.

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Get the S/Pro 100 fitted right and they should keep you skiing in comfort all day long

We all know that a good-fitting ski boot can make the difference between a holiday gliding down the slopes like a boss and one stop-starting your way down the mountain in barely contained agony. But does finding comfortable ski boots really have to be such a chore?

Salomon have certainly put this issue high on the priority list when it comes to the S/Pro 100s, marketing them as 'the most comfortable boot Salomon has ever made' due to their redesigned step-in construction and seamless liners. They are also pretty lightweight at just 1570g, this helps avoid fatigue after a day on the mountain.

As well as the usual heat moulding for the liner to make it hug the shape of your foot, the hard outer shell can also be stretched for maximum comfort. Plus, if you opt for a custom-fit experience (and you should), you'll be offered a custom footbed which we think is a must.

You have to invest a little time into the proper fitting of your boots, but the results are worth it. We got our fitting done at Ellis Brigham at the Snozone, Milton Keynes and can't recommend the service highly enough. The in-store expert first measured our feet, we then stepped into the shell of the boot without the liner to check the length, then tried them on with the liner to see if any adjustments needed to be made. The liner was then moulded and we spent 10 minutes with toasty warm feet while they took shape. They then assessed whether they needed to stretch the shell. 

Salomon S_Pro 100 trio_crop.jpg

The boots have a calf adjuster to make sure they fit closely to the shape of your leg, a mouldable foam tongue to reduce pressure on the shins, and a 35mm Velcro strap to keep everything in place.

The S/Pro 100 uses Coreframe and Sense Amplifier technology to make the boots as responsive as possible by keeping them light and precise. This helps ensure quick edge to edge transfer, which is great for intermediate skiers still honing their technique.

As the name suggests, flex is 100 in this model of the S/Pro, which will suit an intermediate skier heading to the mountain once or twice a season.

On top of all this comfort inducing customisation we think the S/Pro 100's look great too. We appreciate the stealthy matte black look with splashes of turquoise and silver - not overly girly and feminine, but something that still stands out from the crowd.

In short, this is a great pair of ski boots for intermediate skiers wanting a comfortable fit which allows them to ski all day while building on their skills.

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