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The Hawx Prime 100 is a ski boot with mass appeal - we sent it for review to see how it appealed to our testers

Atomic Hawx Prime 100
Overall Score
Perfect recreational boot offering room to improve

"Medium fit with a medium flex for men with a medium build." As marketing speak goes it may sound a little beige, but it is totally on the money. Although perhaps the line undersells the undeniable mass appeal of the Hawx Prime 100.

One of the major appealing factors for the everyman skier will be the instant out-of-the-box comfort. Clearly this is no substitute for proper personalised fitting by a professional, but it bodes well for getting snug results from any tailoring you may need. From the plush velvety cuff to the memory fit liner, the Hawx Prime 100 feels like a foot-hug. I actually tested it without my usual custom footbed, and remained comfortable.

I hate to regurgitate more of the Atomic line, but they are spot on with the idea that "it's the perfect ski boot for most people, in most situations." How's that for honest? It's middle-of-the-road, which is exactly what the majority of UK skiers want and need.

The flex is accessible to all but absolute beginners, and has room for most people to improve into it. The flex is progressive but as you would expect it begins to fold a little easily when you start popping off little kickers and landing heavily. Anyone charging needs to look at stiffer versions, and will likely want a narrower fit for more precision.

We've taken a couple of performance points off, simply to indicate that it won't be pushed into GS speeds or freeride scenarios. In terms of the target audience, the performance is spot on.

The price is as accessible as the flex. At £300 this is a lot of boot, which will keep intermediates happily progressing for several seasons.

Buy Atomic Hawx Prime 100 Ski Boots: £300 at Snow & Rock

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