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We tested the Atomic Cloud 11 and found it to be a sleek and stylish ski that loves to glide on the groomers. Solid, stable and smooth as anything, it's perfect for ladies who love to cruise all over the mountain.
atomic cloud11
Best for
A great option for all-day skiers who want a bit of performance without having to work non-stop for it
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
Stylish and super stable
Too many choices may see it overlooked

The Atomic Cloud 11 has been a popular choice in recent years and it's easy to see why. The classic light wood core makes it easy to control and steer, and the 100% classic camber gives the longest possible grip along the length of the ski.

The addition of a titanium layer then adds a bit of robustness and shock absorption so when you're travelling at speed it doesn't lose any of its drive. Whilst we wouldn't really described the Cloud 11 as 'playful' per se, it is certainly fun and great for a few trips off the side or into bumpy terrain.

Where the Cloud 11 really delivers is when you're throwing down medium radius, medium speed turns. It's so light and easy to ski that you could quite happily cruise all day and still have plenty of energy in the legs for some dancing on the tables at après!

The genius with this ski is that it's both light and stable - a tricky balance to strike. To achieve this, Atomic have integrated Servotec Light, an elastomeric insert in a groove along the upper part of the Cloud 11 which provides good stability without increasing the stiffness beyond comfortable realms. Short turns are grippy and easy to initiate with a well-designed tip, and towards the higher speeds it holds an edge more securely than many other skis in this category.

Whilst it is a very good ski it does feel a little lost in the collection. The Cloud 9 is one of the best-selling women's skis for a reason - being that bit lighter and easier to use for many ladies who describe themselves as recreational cruisers - and the Cloud 12 has more of the power an expert woman would be looking for in a ski.

The Cloud 11 sort of sits in the middle and as a result it may not have the specific appeal of its sister skis. Having said that it may just hit the sweet spot for those looking to make the jump from pure recreation to ambitious intermediate.

At £500 the Atomic Cloud 11 is a solid choice but make sure you have a good think and consider the other two options in the Cloud Range before you commit the cash.

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