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The Redster X5 from Atomic is a happy news story - the race pedigree stepped down to a recreational model for many can only be conceived as a good thing. Check out our review here.
atomic redster x5
Best for
Intermediate skier who stays mostly on the slope and wants to progress in spades.
156, 163, 170, 177
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
Versatile, fun and great value.
Not always the best at high speed, but we are being picky.

The Redster X5 are the new mid-range on-piste skis in the recreational category and first impressions are extremely positive.

Considering they're designed for intermediate skiers, the performance is remarkably high, yet they also turn with incredible ease. We find there's always a fine line when it comes to skis at this level - the designers often make the ski too stiff, too soft or too dull, but Atomic seem to have hit the nail clean and square on the head with the Redster X5.

Their width at 71.5mm, seems a little unnecessary - does that 0.5mm really make any difference? In normal circumstances, we find that piste skis with a 13 - 16m radius can be little aggressive when making long radius turns, but the width of the X5 combined with the 14m radius, felt far calmer and user friendly than expected. They handle larger turns well, despite some flapping at higher speeds, but then again, they are not designed with higher speeds in mind.

Where they really do come into their element is in shorter radius turns. They turn like a dream, with a quick, snappy feel that's full of life - a testament to the designers who seem to have made this ski balanced to perfection.
The extra 0.5mm width help them ease through chopped up, deeper snow, and make easy work in the moguls, which they slip though unnoticed - extremely versatile for a ski in this category.

They might look like recreational Atomic skis, perhaps nothing to write home about, but what they do well in combination with the price, helps to create a great value product for a wide range of skiers. Well done Atomic dudes.

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