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The new Anima from Black Crows is a big mountain ski with a backcountry freestyle element - we discover its merits during our 2015 on snow ski test in Austria.

black crows anima 2015 ski test
Big Mountain
Best for
Freeride skiers who enjoy riding varied off-piste terrain
176, 182, 188, 194
Overall Score

This ski likes pow - the deeper, the better.

New from Chamonix based Black Crows, the Anima is a big mountain ski that has a freestyle orientated element with a double rocker for those cliff jumping, switch riding moments we all dream of - you know you want to.

It's a force to be reckoned with, powering through anything in its way - crud, chopped up powder and whatever else you might find as you're rocketing down the kind of wild parts of a mountain this ski loves to search out.

Although easy enough to ski for something this wide, they do ramp up performance when pushed and strong, confident freeride skiers won't feel inhibited by its ability to keep up with you.

They enjoy going fast and at speeds you feel confident they won't let you down.

Off-piste they are a dream, back on the groomed slopes, we found them a little harder to handle - no real surprises there, although if you're looking for a big ski that handles well on-piste then there's more accessible ones out there.

These feel like a serious big mountain ski that like to travel fast but will also enjoy the versatility of 'normal' backcountry skiing - trees, chutes and open glades alike. Like many in the Black Crows collection, the Anima is surely due to become a well-loved classic by its followers and perhaps persuade others to jump the nest and become real 'Blacksiders' too.

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