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Black Crows has launched a new all-mountain model to replace the Ova for 2018 - the Vertis. With so many skis in the category, can these stand out from the rest?
black crows vertis
All Mountain
Best for
A good advance skier that wants the one ski in his quiver.
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
Their ability to do everything so well.
At speeds they were a bit flappy, but that is being quite picky.

Black Crows, from the famous Alpine town of Chamonix, has an extensive range of skis that in general, we really enjoy here at Snow Magazine. Topping the all-mountain category is the brand new Vertis.

Across the range, from a distance, so many of the skis look all the same - but start scratching beneath the surface and you soon discover they have very distinct characteristics of their own. The team at the Black Crows design base, somehow manage to maintain such variety and such versatility throughout the collection, with the Vertis being a perfect example of this - versatility in one ski.

Designed for a sporty and dynamic advanced to expert skier, the Vertis at 85mm wide, somehow feels like they're far narrower than their width when carving on groomed slopes. The stable and smooth feel throughout the whole turn makes them a joy on-piste from slower speeds, right up to full volume - let 'em rip style madness.

In all turns regardless of shape or size they have a lovely release when coming out of the turn and a super-smooth transaction when going back into the next one. They are not designed as piste performance skis, but often lure you into thinking that they are.
In variable terrain the extra width comes into play. The float is excellent, which can only be down to the skis fantastic flex consistency from tip to tail. They are light and fun - poppy, powerful and turn with ease through all sorts of snow conditions. A real all mountain ski of the highest quality.

An incredibly playful tool that simply does what it you ask it to, with the classic Black Crows graphics, giving them that classic Black Crows feel.

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