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Blizzard has made a lighter, stiffer and newer version of the Brahma, but as they were already such great skis, we wanted to find out if these changes are necessary during our 2017 Kuhtai Ski test. Well, are they?
blizzard brahma ca
All Mountain
Best for
For the all mountain hero who wants a bit of beef under the boot and a bit less weight.
173, 180, 188
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
All round performance. Superb at all levels
Glassy sounding at higher speeds and on harder snow.

A lighter version of the excellent Brahma from Blizzard made our ears burn in delight, but at the same time, was it really needed?

They are completely new skis in terms of shape alongside the addition of carbon construction, the CA (carbon) being the added part of the name. A little wider in the tip and tail making them more playful and snappier skis than the original version, but with the same slight tip and tail rocker that is the vital ingredient that helps makes the Brahma perform so well.

Edge to edge the Brahma CA is light and quick, giving them superb on-piste performance, especially for skis of this width. They are super poppy both on and off-piste, with a perfectly balanced rocketed tip that just provides the right amount of float from short to long turns in deep powder snow and cut up crud.

When reaching higher speeds they do have that glassy sound you often get from a lightweight carbon ski, which concerned one of our testers who said: "The fear soon leaves you when you get the BRAHMA CA up onto its edge, as it feels as stable as a GS ski in the turn and you can no longer hear the ski due to the wind rushing in your ears."

This is like a double ski test as it is easy to compare it to the standard Brahma. We think the CA is a great looking ski and even better looking than the standard Brahma. Blizzard has also lowered the price point too, which is surprising considering the extra features that have been added.

So combine the price and the looks, with the performance on and off-piste and you get a true winner. They're fun fun fun to ride, with high performance turning in all types of snow and terrain, but then again so is the standard Brahma, which still feel a bit more solid at speed.

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