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Advanced, Expert, Pro
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Sidecut Radius (m)
The blizzard ultrasonic is a ski with one thing in mind - total piste domination. This ski turns and grips like a racer thanks to its no compromise design. It has a sidecut radius of 15m and traditional camber underfoot, this provides the stability and grip to gather and maintain speed with confidence. Blizzard have built oil piston dampers into the bindings which far from being a gimmick do a superb job of dampening vibrations which can often be the Achilles heel of a high speed ski. The ski is nice and light but has loads of energy and power is easily transferred from edge to edge thanks to the carbon power boosters and a hybrid PU and wood stringer core. In challenging icy conditions the edges continue to dig hard into the terrain inspiring the rider to push as hard as they dare, this makes the Ultrasonic a superb ski for the confident intermediate or advanced rider and could even be put to use by a recreational racer.

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