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The Dynafit Beast 98 W is a freeride touring monster, true master of the mountain and our favourite women's backcountry ski from this year's Ski Test. Here's why....
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Best for
Newbie ski tourers and backcountry aficionados who want to max out on the descent
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
The name, uncompromising style, on the mountain performance, and authentic touring heritage
Giving them back at the end of the trip

The Dynafit Beast 98 W is perfectly suited to the vast majority of modern female backcountry skiers looking to access fresh powder lines away from the resort.

Producing touring gear that can deal with the differing and often opposing demands of the backcountry is a tricky task. Saving weight on the uphill without sacrificing downhill performance is a delicate balance to strike but human powered mountain specialists Dynafit are experts in this field and the Beast 98 W is testament to their industry-leading experience and expertise.

Weighing in at 1,400g, the Beast 98 W may not be in the lightweight skimo snake category but that didn't slow us down over the course of two back to back 1,000m days in the backcountry.

If you're looking at serious high-altitude expeditions or getting into skimo racing then it may be too beefy to fit your skinny bill but for the majority of day tourers and week-long hut-to-hut adventurers, the Beast 98 W offers the perfect balance between lightweight uphill performance and downhill skiability.

If you're anything like us, you rely on fitness to get you to the summit before unleashing your inner powder hound and ripping some glorious fresh lines as the reward for your efforts, and this is where the Dynafit Beast 98 W really comes into its own.

Most backcountry newbies come unstuck in variable snow so it's really important to have a ski that's designed to help you deal with the full spectrum of conditions. Backcountry skiing can be pretty tough, and there's no reason to make it any harder by picking a ski that makes it hard to actually ski.

If you're looking for a quiver-of-one backcountry freeride-oriented touring ski that will take you to the top of the mountain and top of your game then the Dynafit Beast 98 W is the only ski you need.

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