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The Elan Interra is the widest ski in the Power group of women's technical carvers. It is designed for expert skiers who are in need of something which provides mountain versatility, power and performance. With variable conditions in Pila (Italy) this year I was able to put this to the test.
All Mountain
Best for
Fast, predominantly piste chargers looking for a ski with great edge hold
152, 158, 164, 170
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
Good soft-snow buoyancy that doesn't trench when carving fresh groomers
Not the ski to take out on a deep powder day

The name "interra" comes from the latin "part of the earth" and this ski really does make you feel connected to the ground beneath you. If groomers are your domain the Elan Interra is for you, keeping you cruising all day long, performing well on both morning corduroy and afternoon bumps.

Unlike some of the cheaper skis in the market that have a rounded sidewall, the interra skis have a vertical sidewall. This provides a stronger base, which prevents the edge from deforming when pressure is applied. A solid edge means you can hold your grip when the going gets tough.

Like the wider Insomnia, the Interra also benefits from Amphibio (left and right ski) construction. This provides even more grip and contact with the snow by placing camber on the inside edges of the skis and rocker on the outside, and unlike some this technology really works.

But the Interra isn't only good for carving. The camber tip of the ski works well in poor conditions and stops it from folding upwards which helps with stability at speed and when charging through crud. The 83mm waist width offers good flotation in powder but still with plenty of nimbleness for short radius turns.

The top sheet design hasn't changed much over the years with a faint shading of red over a darker base. Although the design is very simple and a bit dated, the subtle colouring does at least give the Interra a sophisticated look.

Overall a powerful, piste focused all mountain ski with the versatility to charge around on pristine groomers and battle with crud.

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