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Replacing the Candide range, the Mana collection comes in three different widths and the Mana 2 is the narrowest at 102mm - a fun and playful freeride ski that works all over the mountain.

Faction Mana 2
Best for
Seasonaire's that love nothing more than playing in the powder, the park, the piste and everything else in between
Overall Score
The hugely versatile nature of these fun yet powerful skis that are playful and serious at the same time
Candide, we kind of miss you

Faction Skis is a freeride and freestyle brand that excels in producing all mountain skis that always seem to deliver and don't cost the earth. The new Mana 2 is a replacement for the Candide 2.0 and whilst the company has taken all its knowledge and transferred that to this new collection, don't be fooled into thinking it's exactly the same ski.

But whilst it has its differences, the good news is that it's just as fun, just as responsive and just as versatile as the discontinued collection. The lightweight wood construction feels solid underfoot but also playful and zippy and with the classic twin tip design, they cross over nicely into the freeride - all mountain - freestyle categories, blending all three together like a perfectly balanced cocktail.

What's perhaps most impressive about them is the ability to perform like an Alpine directional ski when you want to carve out turns on groomed slopes. What twin tip?! Yet decide to put that jibber's beanie on and they become a different animal. Apparently the word Mana is a Polynesian term for a supernatural power that permeates the universe. Well, that power seems to have permeated the core of these skis because they can apparently do everything.

That's why they would be ideal for anyone looking for a do-it-all ski for all conditions and all terrain, with perhaps a caveat mentioning its limitations for on-piste ski racing. But at 106mm under foot, you're going to have a great time in deep powder snow too.

Faction definitely makes a statement as a brand - we're different, we're thoughtful and we like to rip and have fun (our words not theirs). The Mana 2 really delivers on all those promises.

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