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On test in Kuhtai the Fischer Progressor F19 Ti proved to be a great all-round piste ski for expert skiers.

fischer progressor 2015 ski test
Best for
Expert skiers looking for a good all-round piste performer
163,170, 177, 182
Low speed
Edge hold
High speed
Overall Score

Despite the name - 'Progressor' sounded to us more like a ski aimed at novices - this is a ski for experts who like blasting around the pistes safe in the knowledge that their ski will perform more than competently whatever they ask of it.

It scored highly and pretty evenly right across the board - equally adept in short and long radius turns, in liveliness and responsiveness and at high speed.

Even where it didn't score quite as highly, at low speed and in smoothness of ride, the differences were negligible.

What's more we even took the Progressor for a short foray off the side of the pistes and found it wasn't too bad there either - sure, this is very much a piste ski, but for the ability level it's aimed at you'll probably find you can get some use out of it on un-groomed slopes as well at a push.

Fischer's 'Dual Radius' system gives them a race type feel with a wood core combined with carbon for a lightweight feel - there's a tip rocker to help turn initiation too.

Good for expert skiers who love to turn at all speeds on-piste but don't want a full on race model. We feel it's one of the top piste performance skis available on the market.

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