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The Head e-Shape V10 is a classically shaped all mountain ski designed for carving up groomed slopes, but with the ability to handle some off the beaten track terrain when the need comes.

Head E Shape V10
Advanced, Intermediate
All Mountain
Best for
A huge range of ski abilities from intermediate right up to experts that want something very reliable for all mountain skiing
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
Hugely versatile, not just in the terrain in can cover but also across multiple skier levels - very little not to like
They look a little dull but then a skis beauty is in the eye of the turner - or is that leg?

First impressions often count when it comes to skis and an initial glance at this fairly benign looking design might tell you they are rather dull, but don't judge a ski by its top plate. One turn and you soon realise they are primed for some action packed all mountain fun.

Targeted at advanced skiers that like to carve out long and short radius turns at all speeds on piste, yet need the versatility to dive off the sides, play in the bumps and suck up the choppy stuff - they can even handle a bit of powder snow too - the e-Shape V10's are seemingly great at everything and a definite contender for the top spot in the one-ski-does-it-all category.

Packed for tech, the 'e' stands for EMC (Energy Management Circuit), where kinetic energy is converted into electronic energy, essentially helping to dampen the skis without adding heavy materials to do so. It's sounds gimmicky, but it isn't, simple as that - it really works and these skis like all the e-Shape range, have a super smooth, vibration-less feel that provides excellent stability even at the higher speed range.

Along with the lightweight Karuba wood core, the Graphene layer, the ERA 3.0 tech (basically 3D design) and Head's quality build, you get a ski that feels as solid as a Victorian semi on a posh Richmond avenue - the difference being that these things turn at lightning pace.

And that doesn't just mean at higher speeds. The tip rocker makes turn initiation of this ski very easy and at 85mm under foot, they don't feel like you need to work them too hard, yet the edge grip on hard pack snow is razor sharp. This is why we think the V10's are also suitable for an intermediate skier looking to improve, they are forgiving and fun, yet will also handle taking far more advanced skiers to where they need to be.

We need to mention that they come with the new Head Protector binding that has a double DIN setting at the back, which means two springs and 7mm of movement on the back - increasing safety in the event of a fall.

One of the best all mountain options out there in our opinion and a way more exciting ride than looks might suggest.

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