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This year the Head Pure Joy piste skis were the first set of skis attached to my feet. Read on to find out what I thought.
head pure joy
Best for
Skidding turns on blue pistes and learning what's possible on a ski.
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
A bargain price for a beginner ski.
Not designed for speed demons

The Pure Joy from Head is the perfect tool for the true beginner all the way up to a mellow intermediate. These skis would be an ideal choice if you are still snow ploughing or skidding your turns and would also suit a younger girl who requires their first set of adult skis.

The biggest advantage of these skis is how lightweight and easy to manage they are. Built with a synthetic core they are lighter and more pleasurable to use than most wood cored skis. Head's use of graphene in the main body of the ski helps to enhance its integrity and makes it stiff enough while maintaining lightness.

The ski is not only lightweight but has also been developed to make turning easier. The short radius makes turning much quicker and assists with maneuverability for beginners. The Evolutionary Rocker Architecture 3.0 (with the tagline "rocker done right") provides camber under foot but early rise in the tip of the ski. This technology focuses on providing an earlier rise than normal, camber underfoot gives you the grip you need but the extra tip rocker assists with turn initiation.

One of the things we noticed straight away riding these skis was how soft they were to flex. When learning what works and what doesn't in skiing, having a ski that is soft and forgiving is good if you yourself are light, but heavier or more natural aggressive skiers might overpower them.

Another major thing going for the Pure Joys is their excellent value for money, with an affordable price point making them an obvious entry-level model. You should feel comfortable with this ski whether you are trying to keep up with your fearless friends or trying to supervise your children through the fun park.

As a beginner, you need to be able to manoeuvre your skis effortlessly through the crowds on the pistes, and these skis offer that maneuverability in spades.

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