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Strong, energetic turns, dynamic skiing and absolutely packed with technology - the Head Super Joy is a real joy to ski. We had a ball on this ski at the annual Ski Test - here's why....
head super joy
Best for
Ladies who love the piste and want to ski it hard
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
The grip, energy and hard-charging performance
The shovels can feel just a touch clumsy

The Head Super Joy is a light and powerful ski packed full of the highest tech and jargon that will make your head spin. From the 'piezoelectric intellifibers' (say what?) to the injection of wonder-material graphene, the Head Super Joy is a pioneering ski, designed to perform at the highest level.

At 75mm underfoot, the Super Joy looks to be quite wide for a piste ski, however, it rolls from edge to edge with ease and feels grippy in both long and shorter turns. The energy from the ski feels both dynamic and stable, which enables the skier to push it with confidence.

The women's-specific LIBRA Architecture camber also helps improve the overall performance of the ski by taking into account the three elements most important to female skiers - weight, balance and control. The combined result is a ski that feels both progressive and supportive, ready to push and totally capable.

The Super Joy is such a playful and confidence-inspiring ski that we even felt happy taking it for a spin off-piste. Surprisingly floaty in the powder for a piste specialist, the Super Joy really was fun to play with in all kinds of terrain.

The Era 3.0 rocker really helped to keep us on top in challenging snow but make no mistake, it's on the piste where the Super Joy truly excels. The incorporation of graphene optimises the Super Joy's performance on the groomers by delivering a platform that's light enough to feel playful, strong enough to push against and responsive enough to facilitate quick and easy turns when required.

At £575 the Super Joy may not be the cheapest of skis, but it is well worth the money due to its combined versatility and high-tech credentials. Powerful, light, stable and user-friendly, the Super Joy is built to charge hard- the rest is up to you!

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