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Head's piste performance range of skis has an e-prefix; we tested the Supershape e-Magnum to find out whether that's anything more than marketing.

Head Supershape e Magnum
All Mountain, Piste
Best for
Strong intermediate piste skiers looking to improve whilst still enjoying their skiing
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
A super-smooth ride and likes to be driven hard
The confused marketing

Head's well-established Supershape range of performance piste skis now sits around a core of 5 skis, called variously e-Speed, e-Titan etc. There is a nod to classic models but what does the 'e' represent?

A cynic might say it represents a PR person's desire to appeal to a younger tech-obsessed audience (if such an audience exists outside of focus groups), but Head's rep told us there is science behind it, in the form of 'EMC' or energy management circuit. Purportedly a conductor runs around the ski and converts flappy kinetic energy into electrical energy.

Frankly the pitch from Head is so woolly we half expected to see a USB port on the bindings, but alas not. Whether there is anything of substance behind this depends almost entirely on real world testing, so perhaps best to gloss over the pseudo-science?

The Supershape e-Magnum takes its cues from the older models which have impressed us at Snow in the past. For example, the geometry remains the same making turn initiation and edge hold impressive. Let's just clarify one other point; Head's own website describes the e-Magnum as being 'all-terrain' and for 'on and off piste' even while the slider graphics higher up the page show it dialled all the way to the 'on piste' side. This is a piste ski and we tested it as such.

One effect of the tech is to increase dampening, and this does appear to build on what was already a very smooth ride. It also claims to mean the ski can be less stiff and therefore more accessible to more people; in practice the flex is forgiving and turns can be forced around easily. Although when the speed is cranked the tail seems to stiffen up and can spit you out of turns if your technique isn't dialled in (i.e. when flagging towards the end of the day!)

The Supershape e-Magnum comes with some seriously confused marketing, but beneath all that is a very capable and fun piste performance ski which will work really well for high intermediates and advance skiers.

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