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From razor-sharp, true carving machines, to casual cruisers for beginners, we've picked out the best piste skis for the 2023-2024 season to help you find the perfect pair.


Piste skis might be a well-defined category, but it’s also one of the biggest, offering tools to suit everyone from absolute beginner to amateur racer, and everything in between. It’s also the category with some of the most diverse brands available too, making it a confusing melange of names, attributes and perspectives. 

Our detailed buying guide will tackle some of the bigger questions to get you started on your journey to finding your ultimate, one -quiver downhill slaying weapon. 

Also, this list of the best piste skis on offer for the 2024 season, whittled down from over 80 pairs that were put through their paces on the slopes should also help!

2024 piste skis

Blizzard Thunderbird R15


Best for: Advanced and expert skiers looking for an enjoyable on-piste ride 

RRP: £920

Originally launched in 2022, the Blizzard Thunderbird R15 WB (for Wide Body) is a high performance on-piste ski that is suited for advanced and expert skiers that want to carve at medium to high speeds. Hitting the sweet spot for piste carving at 76mm under foot, the full titanal layer (Duramax) running through the skis to the edges adds considerable power in the turns. 

With Blizzard’s ‘active carbon armour’ providing extra dampening under the binding, top-tier build quality, and with performance to match the looks, this is a piste bashing machine. 


Verdict: A high performance on-piste ski that is suited for advanced and expert skiers that want to carve at medium to high speeds

Overall rating: 9/10

Rossignol Forza 60 V-Ti 


Best for: Advanced and expert on-piste skiers that like to carve it up.

RRP: £775

In theory replacing the React on-piste series, the Forza offers a very different experience that’s at times more akin to the race-orientated Hero Masters at the top of the range. The 60 V-Ti sits in the foothills of the upper end here, with a titanal layer for stiffness, but still with more accessibility than full race skis. Power and precision-aplenty, but with fun to spare. 


Verdict: Forza feels like a classic piste performance ski suited to solid technical skiers that want to have fun on the groomers all day long. 

Overall rating: 9/10

Head Supershape e-Titan


Best for: Good intermediate to advanced skiers looking for a smooth ride on the frontside.

RRP: £735

The familiar Head Skis Supershape range is a classic on-piste performance collection aimed at good intermediate skiers. The e-Titan at 84mm underfoot is the widest model and one of the most versatile. 

Packed with Head’s technology, including EMC (Energy Management Circuit), which converts kinetic energy into electrical energy which in theory helps to control vibration through the skis, dampening and smoothing response. A wonder material, Graphene, is also layered in to stabilise the skis. 


Verdict: The Head Supershape e-Titan is aimed at on-piste skiers that want performance and versatility, delivering ease of control, turn initiation and smooth feel that is a joy to ski. 

Overall rating: 10/10

Scott Pure Piste

Scott Pure piste

Best for: Good intermediate to advanced skiers looking for an on-piste ski with extra versatility.

RRP: £675

The Scott Pure Piste borrows heavily from Scott’s freeride heritage, which results in a more versatile ski than your average carver, without the 77mm under foot is relatively narrow in today’s terms. A dual power Paulownia/Beech Woodcore and titanal plate running through the length of the ski gives a stable, dampened ride with plenty of stiffness when needed.

Overall a great option for those that spend most of the time on-piste, but want a touch of all-mountain flavour (and ability) at times. 


Verdict: Scott skis are generally known for being freeride orientated, but the Pure Piste still offers some of that all mountain feel. 

Overall rating: 8/10

Atomic Cloud Q12 Revoshock

Atomic Cloud Q12 Revoshock

Best for: Advanced to expert women skiers that want to carve up the piste at all speeds

RRP: £650

Atomic excel at producing powerful skis designed to carve up groomed slopes and the Cloud Q12 Revoshock is no exception. The women’s specific ski is 83mm underfoot making it versatile enough to handle the occasional foray into more variable terrain off the side of the piste and they perform well in the moguls too. The Revoshock C system helps to dampen the skis and create more power, whilst the multi directional sidecut means switching from long to short radius turns is a breeze.headmaster. But they’re not just for learners. They’re a model designed for high speed agility, which will also suit more advanced skiers. As is so often the case, K2 have found a high level of performance while sidestepping that stern, earnest requirement for disciplined technique.

Verdict: A powerful and responsive performer with versatility in short and long radius turns.

Overall rating: 8/10

Fischer Curve DTX

Fischer Curve DTX

Best for: Intermediate to advanced skiers that want a sporty ski to carve every turn

RRP: £750

Fischer seem to excel in designing and producing high-level piste carvers that perform like race skis, yet allow recreational skiers to get the most out of them. The Curv DTX feels no different and for intermediates keen on improving  right through to experts that enjoy a smooth ride, they will deliver on all levels. What they aren’t good for is wishy washy turns­—they cry out to be put on the edges and with the 70mm underfoot width, are less forgiving than a wider all mountain ski. 
headmaster. But they’re not just for learners. They’re a model designed for high speed agility, which will also suit more advanced skiers. As is so often the case, K2 have found a high level of performance while sidestepping that stern, earnest requirement for disciplined technique.

Verdict: Smooth ride with excellent edge grip and the ability to handle short and long turns.

Overall rating: 8/10

Volkl Flair 79


Best for: Intermediate to advanced skiers sticking mostly to the piste.

RRP: £575

This year’s Volkl Flair 79 is the ideal women's piste ski for those that want a little fun off the sides sometimes too. However, we found that its talents really lie on the piste. It is a dynamic ski for intermediate to advanced women wanting to shred the whole resort. The 3D ridge construction comprises of steel and a centre sidewall giving the Flair its sporty riding style, stiff and powerful with great edge hold for ripping the groomers. A steel layer in the ski provides durability and performance at speed, and a stiff tail helps the Flair to really perform on the piste, placing it in premium territory. The sintered P-Tex base also improves the longevity of the ski, making it a sustainable investment.


Verdict: A good value, sporty, all-mountain ski for charging on the piste and, occasionally, off it.

Overall rating: 10/10

K2 Disruption SC

Men's best piste ski


Best for: A wide range of piste skiers, from those learning to carve, right through to advanced.

RRP: £525

If anyone’s going to shake up the piste category then you’d probably bet on K2 to be the one to do it. The Disruption family claims to be “the new standard in high-speed piste performance” with the Disruption SC being described as the ‘gateway’ to this addiction. This is certainly a gateway when it comes to price, which will suit the intermediate skiers these are aimed at. These encourage carving without punishing poor technique - more in the mould of the cool young teacher than the stern headmaster. But they’re not just for learners. They’re a model designed for high speed which will suit more advanced piste skiers. The carbon adds a feeling of latent energy - like you could turn on a sixpence. 


Verdict: Nobody marries performance and fun quite like K2. This brings it to the piste in spades. 

Overall rating: 10/10


Rossignol Hero Elite ST


Best for: Athletic intermediate to advanced piste skiers. 

RRP: £750

Designed for hard charging piste skiers, the Hero Elite ST takes the best of trickle-down technology from Rossignol’s race skis and puts it into an accessible piste package. And we say accessible because this could turn an intermediate skier into a slalom skier with the right amount of slope time. Super responsive with a massive sting in the tail, the Hero Elite ST is as nimble and agile as a cat and edge hold through short and long turns is exceptional. The tail is stiffer than expected which adds to the pzazz but this makes it unforgiving if caught backseat. The Hero Elite is stable and precise but if you’re tired of pushing the pace it will happily amble along the piste making it the perfect race ski for recreational skiers.


Verdict: An epic balance of speed, edge hold, and responsiveness.

Overall rating: 9/10


Head SuperShape E-Rally 


Best for: Piste performance. 

RRP: £800

Head recently re-imagined its whole Supershape line of piste performance skis. The core five models all retail at the same price point - £800 with bindings – which leaves the buyer to focus on which features they need rather than which they can afford. The e-Rally iteration on test here includes their EMC technology, hence the “e” prefix in the name. This converts flapping energy into electricity, helping reduce vibration and giving a smoother ride. This is enhanced by the slightly wider dimensions (78mm underfoot) of the e-Rally, and the extra rocker relative to other models in the family, which combine to make it a more all terrain capable ski. But it is still very much a piste ski, despite some more optimistic marketing claims.


Verdict: The EMC tech really works - this is stable, and turns like a dream on piste.

Overall rating: 9/10


Atomic Cloud C12 


Best for: Advanced women looking for a high-end piste ski.

RRP: £650

Coming in at the top of the already established Atomic Cloud range, and with the same technology as their Redster racing line, the Cloud C12 is the perfect choice for confident skiers that want to rip up the piste. Some of Atomic’s World Cup technologies have trickled down into this hard-charging model, like the premium base finish. A rod and elastomer fixture hold the ski in a pre-stressed position, making it responsive and dampening vibrations. The Cloud 12 also has a full sidewall for precision steering at speed. Like most piste and racing skis, it has a full active camber giving maximum edge contact, and providing grip on hard, icy pistes.


Verdict: The Cloud C12 is a powerful piste machine punching well above its weight. 

Overall rating: 9/10

Salomon S/max No8


Best for: Playful intermediates wanting fun AND performance.

RRP: £500

If you like to use all the runs on a mountain then the S/max No8 is a damn good choice of ski. Equally at home carving gentle turns on a blue run as navigating moguls on a tricky black, the No8 is as versatile as it is pretty. This is a ski for the fun-loving skier too, it feels energetic and playful way before you put the serious face on to schuss back into town. Stability, responsiveness and turn initiation are all excellent so you can really ride the No8 hard, but then it’s also very smooth and forgiving at both high and low speeds making it the perfect tool for intermediates and playful advanced skiers.


Verdict: The piste ski of your dreams, sharp agile, precise and a whole lot of fun.

Overall rating: 9/10

Head Power Joy 


Best for: Hard carving intermediate piste skiers.

RRP: £620

Coming in at a premium price you would expect the Power Joy to do a lot, and it just about pays its way. Although perhaps not as stable as others in the category it carves like a dream, offering excellent edge hold and responsiveness, especially in short radius turns where the ski whips from edge to edge effortlessly. All this leads to the playful feel, these skis just want to take you for a ride - the only thing holding you back is ability. Although marketed at intermediates we would say that high performance women would get the best out of them, not necessarily advanced skiers, just those looking to ski hard all day showing off their carving prowess.


Verdict: Does everything you want it to do with ease, but you pay for the privilege.

Overall rating: 9/10

Salomon S/Force Bold 

Salomon S Force Bold

Best for: Great for a skier who likes to charge hard all day long in all conditions.

RRP: £860

The Salomon S/Force Bold is the perfect match for competent piste skiers who are looking for top-notch stability and speed, combining the power and precision of a pure piste performance ski with the versatility of a wider all-mountain model. The construction is very much geared towards power and responsiveness on the piste, with Edge Amplifier technology helping to transfer energy straight to the edges and giving outstanding hold. A 15% tip rocker profile helps initiate the turn quickly despite the slightly wider waist and a 16mm sidecut is ideal for juicing out mid-radius turns. The S/Force Bold is very stable and keeps good snow contact throughout, even in slushy or cruddy spring snow.


Verdict: The best of the best on-piste ski that will let you ski hard all day long - if you can afford it. 

Overall rating: 10/10


Atomic Redster X9 S 

 Atomic Redster X9 S

Best for: Piste skiers who like to create big edge angles.

RRP: £1019

As soon as you clip into the Redster X9 S you can feel its race pedigree - ideal for anyone who likes to ski hard and carve turns like Marcel Hirscher, no matter how icy the piste. You need to know what you’re doing to get the best from these skis - if you let them get away from you at the end of the turn, you’ll soon be in the back seat. The wood core, made from a combination of beech for strength, and lightweight poplar, gives the skis real pop at the end of the turn. The Redster X9 S also uses Servotec, a design innovation from the World Cup race skis, which makes them more agile when initiating the turn and means they power up smoothly. This feature also makes them more stable when straight-lining.


Verdict: If you’re prepared to put the effort in and blast on the piste, these are for you. 

Overall rating: 9/10

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