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The Head Supershape e-Titan is the widest model in the Supershape range, aimed at on-piste skiers that want performance and versatility.

Head Supershape e-Titan
Advanced, Intermediate
Best for
Good intermediate to advanced skiers looking for a smooth ride on the frontside
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
The perfectly balanced turns that are easy to handle but provide power and stability on a variety of different terrain
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Head Skis Supershape range is a classic on-piste performance collection aimed at good intermediate skiers and upwards. The e-Titan at 84mm underfoot is the widest model, the most accessible for a range of ability levels and the most versatile for all mountain conditions.

They are packed full of Head’s technology developments, including EMC (Energy Management Circuit), where kinetic energy converts into electrical energy which in turn helps to control vibrations through the skis, providing a dampening feel that makes turning at all speeds smoother. Does it work? While it’s difficult to make like to like comparisons, what we can say is that these skis feel super smooth, incredibly stable and titanic fun.

Graphene – the world’s thinnest and lightest element that’s stronger than diamond, is used as a layer to help stabilise the skis and provide more power with the most efficient use of materials.

On hardpack snow the edge grip is incredibly solid and powerful – there’s a well-balanced progression through the turns and they seem to handle both short and long radius turns at all speeds well. At 84mm they are also adapted at variable conditions including moguls, slush and chopped up snow off the sides of the piste. If you had to ski powder, they would handle it, although you’d rather be on one of the longer sizes.

What we really like about the e-Titan is the ease of control, turn initiation and smooth feel that is a joy to ski. For any skier that is looking for a high-performance ride for the front side of the mountain – meaning, groomed slopes but also moguls and the odd foray off the sides of the marked piste, then the e-Titan is a real winner. 

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