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We test the Supershape e-Rally from Head as part of their piste performance line-up

Head Supershape e-Rally 2023 ski
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
A seriously smooth riding piste ski
Lacking in all-terrain versatility

One pleasant aspect of the Supershape range is that the core of five models all retail at the same price point - £615 with bindings - which leaves the buyer to focus on which features they need rather than which they can afford.

On the other hand, there is a slight lack of clarity about each skis relative strengths. You can read our review of the Supershape e-Magnum for more on that, but the e-Rally iteration on test here is one of the more well-packaged models.

There is still confusion regarding the EMC technology, which is what gives rise to the 'e-' prefix in the name. Described as converting flappy energy into 'electrical' energy by way of a carbon circuit around the ski, what it actually results in - beyond the pseudo-science - is vibration reduction and a smoother ride. You can't charge your phone while riding it.

And the e-Rally does offer a smooth ride, in fact it is a strength of the whole range. It is perhaps enhanced by the slightly wider dimensions (78mm underfoot) of the e-Rally, and the extra rocker relative to other models in the family, which combine to make it a marginally more all-terrain capable ski. But it is still very much a piste ski, despite some more optimistic marketing claims.

It's more fun than the e-Magnum, and strangely more agile (given the extra width) which is likely caused by the rocker. The tail is less aggressive and catchy, which will help it to have a wider appeal. And our cynicism has to be overruled in that the EMC tech genuinely works; the e-Rally is super smooth whether fast or slow, in short turns and long laid out carves, but it still has some pop and fun built in.

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