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Scott skis are generally known for being freeride orientated, but the Pure Piste at 77mm under foot is the narrowest in the collection – but, they still offer some of that all mountain feel.

Scott Pure Piste
Advanced, Intermediate
All Mountain, Piste
Best for
Good intermediate to advanced skiers looking for an on-piste ski with extra versatility
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
Great feel on piste and carves well, but versatile enough for some all mountain action
Not as responsive at the start of the turn as some skiers might like

The Scott Pure Free at 77mm under foot is the narrowest ski in the brands range and is designed as a frontside, on-piste carver aimed at strong intermediate to advanced skiers.

But dive down into the shape and construction of the Pure Piste and you see Scott’s freeride DNA shining through. This makes the Pure Piste more versatile that your average carver and pushes it into the realms of an all mountain ski, although remember at 77mm under foot, it’s pretty narrow in today’s terms.

With its dual power Paulownia/Beech Woodcore and titanal plate running through the majority of the ski’s length, on hardpack groomed slopes they feel like a proper piste machine. Powerful enough for most skiers looking to carve at higher speeds, with a solid edge grip and stable, damp feel throughout the turn. They don’t instantly whip around at the start of the turn, but this is typical Scott Ski territory, slightly understeering and requires a little bit of work in the turn.

This suits more aggressive, possibly heavier, skiers that like to feel fully in control and enjoy a more traditional turning ski.

Because the tip is a little softer though, they are nicely forgiving when it comes to more variable snow conditions. It’s like Scott Sports can’t help but ensure their customers can have fun once they leave the groomed slopes, even on a ski designed for ‘pure’ piste. But that is one of its strengths, they are versatile and perform well both on and off piste.

With the longer length, they feel stable at speed yet work pretty well in powder snow conditions too, considering the width. They’d make a good instructor ski for fans of Scott Sports and a decent all round tool for any skier that wants 80% piste with the option of diving off the sides when the conditions allow. 

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