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HEAD´s Supershape Rally are billed as do it all skis for the piste. But with a 13.6m radius, doing it all can be a challenge. How did we find that challenge during our 2017 on-snow ski test?
head supershape rally
Best for
A good skier with legs that want to ski all pistes all day. A great ski instructor ski.
149, 156, 163, 170, 177
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
We liked everything about these skis. They're amazing skis for the piste, and then some....
They're a little heavy to carry, but on the snow they lighten up fast

HEAD´s super shape range aims to cover the entire on piste market and the Rally is certainly a model that can handle it all.

First impressions are good - they look the part, solid and clearly well-constructed. They are not particularly lightweight by any means but that is perfectly acceptable in this case, as that solid feel works well in enhancing performing where it's needed - ripping it up on the piste.
The Supershape Rally is an apt name for these skis - if this was a car, then it would be fast and nimble, sliding around corners on rough tracks and loving every second of it. The rocketed tip allows you to enter any turn at any speed with incredible ease - gripping early in both long and short radius turns. The tips have a decent width that helps cut up the heavier snow and moguls, almost moving them out of the way with intent.

The 76mm waist produces a less aggressive feel at speed than you'd expect for a ski with a 13.6m radius - they perform more like slalom skis, they are solid and at no point lose their grip on hard packed snow.

What impressed us was the ability for the Rally to rev down at slower speeds and turn with ease, performing edge to edge in shorter radius turns that feel light and poppy.

HEAD has produced truly great skis in the Supershape Rally. They're quite outstanding and are fun fun fun all day long and so good, probably at night too!

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