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K2 Skis new Disruption 76X is targeted at skiers that want to graduate from rental to ownership and want an accessible all mountain tool that's happier on groomed slopes 80% of the time.

K2 Disruption 76x
Intermediate, Recreational
All Mountain
Best for
Probably a huge swathe of the skiing market that will enjoy a mix of easy turning and great performance
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
Super accessible skis for intermediate's that want to own rather than rent, but they go beyond that
If you're expert hard charging freeride skier then stay away

K2 seriously revamped its ski collection recently and the Disruption range was launched, providing a wide range of skier ability levels, accessible, fun and great performing options that can take you all over the mountain.

The 76X is aimed at intermediate skiers that will stick mainly to the piste and are progressing from basic parallel turns and getting into carving. On the face of it, that sounds like a pretty box standard piece of ski hardware, and in some ways it is - simple construction and design - but K2 have weaved some magic into these skis and they feel way more fun than you'd expect.

There's an Aspen wood core running through them and a combined capped sidewall with a tip and tail rocker, as you would expect from an all mountain, piste orientated ski aimed at this level. So far, so normal. But from the first turn onwards, any thoughts of blandness disappear as the 76X carves up even the toughest of hardpack snow with ease.

At 76mm underfoot they are just wide enough to provide that kind of forgiveness that most us need, at least once in a while. But it makes short radius turning very easy, with a fast and responsive feel. Long radius turns and slower and moderate speeds are smooth, stable and with little vibration. Turn up the volume and yes, things can get a bit shaky but actually not to the extent that some other ski models at this level might experience. The edge grip is definitely not low end and that's why for intermediate skiers that don't like those icy surfaces, they will at least provide some respite.

The price point is clearly pitched at someone looking to purchase for the first time, but don't take the value tag as being an issue. These skis punch above their weight and K2 have done a great job of encouraging skiers to own.

Buy K2 Disruption 76 X Skis: £425 at Ellis Brigham

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