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With a name like "Mindbender" you would expect these skis to feel like they've got a mind of they're own. We find out if all they want to ski is powder or if they're in their element on all sorts of terrain.

K2 Mindbender 89 Ti W 2023
All Mountain
Best for
An advanced skier who is an aggressive resort ripper and adventurous off-piste roamer
149, 156, 163, 170
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
Stiff and reactive on hard pack, with an impressive edge hold
When you compare them to the likes of Armada the graphics are a bit un-inspiring

The Mindbender 89 Ti W Skis have been designed by K2 to elevate what skiers expect from a performance ski. The focus of the design is centred around constructing a ski that rides just as well on hardpack as it does in pow.

K2 call their technology "Torsion Control Design Philosophy" and this is the main difference in stiffness between the Blizzard Black Pearls and the K2 Mindbenders. Part of this construction is a sheet of metal (a Titanal Y-Beam) that is constructed on top of the wood core (hence why they have Ti in the name). The Y-Beam sends structural strength down the middle of the skis and spreads it out to the left and right edges of the skis (which I guess you could call the "Y" shape) thus providing additional strength where it's needed for turn initiation and grip.

This is where K2 have strategically designed it so that the Titanal metal tunes torsional flex without affecting longitudinal flex. This extra material over the edges also helps to dampen any flappiness or chatter you might feel in the ski. In addition, there is a full plate of Titanal underfoot for binding retention and stability which will help when you lay over your skis and pull out some big long GS turns. New for 2023 K2 have slightly re-tuned the metal laminate layup to make the Y-shape wider at the tip and tail, and narrower towards the bindings in an effort to improve swing weight and overall turning performance. The metal also tapers to the centre of the ski behind the foot, and this makes the tail of the ski manoeuvrable and playful.

The Mindbenders use a "Carbon Spectral Braid" - a dynamic carbon laminate weave over the core of the ski that puts more material over the front mass of the ski and tapers off towards the tail. Working hand in hand with the Titanal Y-Beam it supports the stability of the ski launching you from turn to turn.

So, answering the most important question of "are these skis mindbending?", these skis don't just bend your mind but they take it, smash it about and turn it inside out. Ski like a ninja on the Mindbender 89 Ti W skis all season long.

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