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The new Kästle RX 12 SL - skis we just had to test. One of the most expensive skis we have reviewed, so did the price tag match the performance? Let's find out
kaestle rx 12 sl
Best for
An expert skier who is in good shape. Ex racer or top end ski teacher would enjoy this all day long.
155, 165
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
True ripper of a piste ski. Total fun and top end performance.
The Price, but you get what you pay for.

The Kästle RX 12 SL are black, shiny and Yes, they're a bit of handful, but we expected that - at the same time, they have forgiving qualities too, something we weren't expecting as much.

For what is essentially a full-on piste racing machine, they turn surprisingly easily - but you need to understand how to turn a ski properly to get the most of them. There's no point in buying them if you're just learning to carve or struggle to crank skis right over onto their edges - you might as well go for a less expensive model.

They perform in a way that allows you to drive them through their full turn range at all speeds, doing what they should when asked to do so. These are expert skis and by no means easy, and you have to be on your toes, but when done correctly, it's a wonderful thing.

Gripping and ripping through a steep icy mogul field is bread and butter work for the RX12. Short and lively with a sting in the tail, which when treated with respect makes them a phenomenal amount of fun. They really eject you out of the turn into the next with lightning speed.
Out into more open piste the quick edge to edge response feels so light under foot, despite the skis heavier weight due to race plates and a super solid construction. Making short driven slalom style turns is a dream though and even in longer turns, they are so stable, trust is built immediately - the confidence to stand on the outside ski and drive them into the snow for ultimate grip comes easy.
Short turns, long turns, ice, bumps, speed and then some, the RX 12 SL does it all on piste. They are fun, lively and quite simply the most fun on-piste you can have with ski boots on - the Spinal Tap of skis. This one goes to 11.

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