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Our test of the Kastle BMX 105 HP revealed that it wasn't just a handsome ski, it also performs to a high standard too.

kastle bmx105 2015 ski test
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Expert skiers who don't mind shelling out for their planks; and getting plenty back in return.
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There was something about the understated graphics of the BMX 105 that really appealed, but of course it takes more than just good looks to make a decent ski.

Fortunately the BMX 105 wasn't just a pretty boy; it was light and responsive and very easy to turn, especially given its width.

Yet despite the light feel of the ski it bashed through the crud easily enough, and the 105mm underfoot meant that deeper snow just floated and smeared beneath us with ease.

There was also the feeling that the ski was working with you, thanks to the generously sized sweetspot beneath your boots.

The BMX 105 HP version comes with a metal plate for extra power - the non HP version is full fibreglass. This replaces the previous 108 model and the new design features a full rocker in the tip and tail and a shorter turn radius, making them even more snappy and fun to ski.

The BMX 105 even coped well with hard snow on and off the piste; where you'd normally expect a ski as wide as this to be compromised to some extent in these conditions we felt quite comfortable hooning down the piste back to the test centre after our foray into Kuhtai's sidecountry.

On the minus side this is a pretty costly ski, but discerning freeriders will probably not baulk at shelling out for something that performs so well across the entire mountain.


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