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Line's perennial classic, the Chronic has a totally new construction for 2019 promising more fun. Line label it as a freestyle ski, but we're testing it all over the mountain.
line chronic
All Mountain
Best for
All-mountain skiers who want to enjoy all the terrain, rather than dominate all the terrain
164, 171, 178, 185
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
Genuinely all-mountain capable, with freestyle-fun everywhere
It's not for carving, but neither does it claim to be

Line's graphics are often like Marmite, and we're generally in the love-it camp, particularly as Line tend more to understatement than many rival brands. Students of iconography might get the most from the new Chronic styling's though; to most people they'll appear simply as mysterious symbols. Tastefully cool though.

The more important overhaul for this season is the construction, and particularly the new flex pattern. Last years' flex was described to us as "a 5 out of 10 all the way through" whereas the 2019 model has a solid 5 underfoot with a softer 4 at the tip and tail.

And this might be the funnest ski of the year. The kind of ski that immediately feels part of you and just wants to take you on a trip. It's like that over-enthusiastic friend who gets you into all kinds of adventures, and always with a smile on your face.

Confidence inspiring everywhere, it's a totally solid platform from which to chuck yourself about. Poppier than some park skis, stable in fast freeride turns, and dialled-in on piste. To call it merely a freestyle ski is a disservice.

Not that opinions were unanimous; one tester said "It's light and fun and that's about it" (although one could ask, what else is there??)

Whether you can accept this as an all-mountain ski will depend on your style - if you're predominantly a piste skier, or can't live without GS turns, this is probably not for you. If you want freestyle-inspired fun all over the mountain, the Chronic delivers.

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