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Sitting in the middle of this all mountain collection, Nordica's Enforcer 94 is a hard charging freeride ski that carves on-piste and powers through everything else.

Nordica Enforcer 94
All Mountain
Best for
Strong technical skiers that want a ski that will deliver at the highest level all over the mountain
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
The powerful and responsive feel of a freeride all mountain ski that delivers at the very top end of advanced and expert technical skiers
In variable snow conditions there's no let off - not for tired legs at the end of the day

The Enforcer range from Nordica has three models in its collection and the 94 sits right in the middle and is the most versatile and usable of them all. It's an all mountain ski designed for advanced and expert riders looking for a grippy on-piste ride and a powerful off-piste blast.

With a double titanium plate and layer of carbon running through the full wood core, the enforcer is certainly the kind of ski that its name implies. Don't mess because it does call the shots and get things too wrong a lot of the time and you will be punished.

The upside of that is a ski that will perform across huge swathes of mountain terrain and a very high level and for strong technical skiers that want an all mountain ski but lose faith in the category because so many don't deliver at the top end, the Enforcer won't let you down.

On any type of groomed slope, especially hardpack, they feel incredibly solid with a fantastic edge grip that would suggest a far narrower waist - they are fun, responsive, powerful and super stable at higher speeds. You'd be happy blasting around the piste all day long.

Take them off the sides into the kind of typical terrain encountered within 50 metres of a European piste and the 94mm waist takes over and provides a stable base for freeride fun. Yes you need to be on top of them and if your technique isn't solid they will throw you around and you'll end up on the tails with sore legs at best by the end of the day. But if you're a stronger/larger skier and/or highly skilled technically then they will deliver everything expected from a good boss - direction, stability, reliability and control.

Just don't let the Enforcer's take too much control, they might be the boss, but do your job well and they will reward you time and time again. Bonus.

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