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The Line Sakana is a freeride ski with a huge swallowtail that really stands out from the crowd. It's great ski for both on and off piste if you like freestyle, surfy fun.

Line Sakana
Advanced, Intermediate, Recreational
All Mountain, Freeride
Best for
Freeride skiers with a bit of freestyle DNA and technical ability to make the very best of these amazing skis
Overall Score
Playful, responsive and powerful ski that performs all over the mountain with its own unique style
It's loads of fun on piste but if you really like carving all day long it might not be the right choice

Statement looking freeride ski from Line blends surf culture with traditional Alpine skiing to create what is a hugely fun ski to ride all over the mountain, but with a serious intent to perform at a high level.

Yes the Sakana's swallowtail might look like a gimmick, and frankly it's difficult to pin down exactly what benefits it brings - apart from looking super cool (or daft depending on your point of view), but whatever else is going on inside this ski, it certainly oozes performance on virtually all kinds of terrain.

The Woodcore is reinforced with carbon stringers and titanal in key sports including the tail, which, according to Line, improves performance and allows the skis to be ridden at a shorter length. No argument here and with a sidecut that blends 5 different radiuses into the ski, you'll be zipping and zapping all over the mountain in no time. Sorry what?

You know what we mean. These skis are designed for fun and a freeride skier that likes to get creative, carving out fast turns on hardpack snow, slashing down mogul'y jibber lines and ripping through deep powder snow, will enjoy the fact they seem to be pretty decent at all of these things. But Bez from Happy Monday's looks like he's fun, but he's definitely not serious. The difference with the Sakana's is they tend to manage to shake the maracas and do the accounts all at the same time.

At 106mm under foot they are surprisingly good on piste, but not sure if they are right choice if that is 70-80% of your chosen time. They are a genuine contender for a one ski quiver set up, but it might take a brave skier to only have the Sakana in their tool kit for the winter.

Saying that, if you really like the look of them and want to stand out in the lift line, then why not?

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