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Nordica´s all mountain offering comes in the shape of the Navigator 85. Let's see how they shape up to the challenge during our 2017 Kuhtai ski test.
nordica navigator 2
All Mountain
Best for
The intermediate who wants a ski that goes all the way, or the lighter weight expert who is looking for a great all mountain ski
172, 179, 186
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
All Mountain and All skier. Super ski and super value.
The name doesn't seem fit the ski

Nordica's Navigator 85 are all mountain skis aimed at the advanced skier, but we discover that they were a lot more than that, and a lot less too. Intrigued? Read on to get the full picture.
From the very first turn, our initial indication is that the Navigator 85 are stunningly easy ride. They handle short turns, long turns, moguls and variables so well, you wonder whether the all mountain category was invented just for them.

The extremely lightweight tips just work and they work very well indeed. Slightly rockered tips enter the turns with such ease and then absorb cut up snow, bumps and pretty much anything in their way. They do what you want without asking and somehow turn on a dime.
At the other end of the scale, the Navigator 85 perform at a surprisingly high level for skis that are aimed at the intermediate - advanced skier.

Light in the turns, poppy and fun - when pushed hard, they respond with the performance you'd expect from skis that are marketed more towards the advanced - expert. They're exceptionally stable at higher speed, considering their lightweight construction - incredibly versatile skis, Nordica's Navigator 85 does not miss a beat at any point of the turn.

Rightly so, they are an all mountain machine and pretty much nails the 'All Skier' category too. Great fun, great looking and the lovely round flex would make a superb touring or Telemark ski option. They are sold flat so choose your binding options and head off into the hills. One thing we're sure about is that you won't get lost.

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