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Brand new from Rossignol, the Sky HD enters the 7 range aimed at recreational to advanced skiers looking to explore the whole mountain - our team took them out for a test drive.

Advanced, Recreational
All Mountain, Freeride
Best for
Skiers looking to get into variable and off-piste terrain and progress their freeride skills
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We're told this is a freeride ski for recreational skiers, which on the face of it, doesn't make much sense (if you're not highly experienced, what are you doing off-piste?). But of course as today's skis become more and more versatile and easy to turn in all conditions, why shouldn't an intermediate skier be able to enjoy the delights of the entire mountain - providing of course, like anyone else, they are in the company of a guide or instructor who knows the area.

The Sky 7 HD certainly provides that platform. Built around the hugely successful Soul 7 freeride ski, the Sky is narrower at 98mm under foot, and more forgiving. In powder or chopped up snow, turn your feet, steer the skis and wouldn't you know it, they just get on with the job, letting you enjoy the experience.

OK, well they don't exactly turn themselves, but if you can ski pretty well on groomed slopes and handle a bit of rough terrain, then they certainly make life as easy as any ski could when you venture into more unknown territory. They are super easy to turn and pivot easily under the leg, with a floatation that allows you to get into the snow just enough to make you feel you're a proper freeride skier, but still flatter the ego when technique gets thrown out the window.

The Paulownia wood core and the Carbon Alloy Matrix, a technology that weaves carbon fibre into the core of the ski - adding torsional stiffness, makes them light and strong, so as you become a better skier, they will keep up with your demands.

One of the most interesting new skis of the year that will help make the whole mountain more accessible and enjoyable to ski for a wide range of ability levels.

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