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Advanced, Expert, Pro
Flex Rating
All Mountain
Sidecut Radius (m)
The Scott Mission is an all mountain, all condition ski for the intermediate looking for a dependable, easy to use ride on which to explore the mountain. The ski has a dual sidecut with a radius of 14.7m and a pro-rocker nose. These features give the mission a nice on piste presence, carving good stable lines even on chopped up and mogulled runs. It’s fair to say the average skier today wants a taste of the whole mountain; this is where the Mission comes into its own, by being all things to all men. It rewards more advanced skiers whilst managing to retain a level of predictability and a mellow feedback for skiers still building their confidence. The performance when taken into unprepared snow remains good and will satisfy those used to using the whole mountain for their kicks. Overall a superb, easy going ski that works well in most conditions and suits a variety of skill levels – what more could you ask for!
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