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The Volkl Bash 116 W is a new model from the German ski brand and their first ever wide bodied powder surf ski for women - did we bosh it or bash it on our on snow ski test last winter?
volkl bash 116 w
Best for
Incredibly stable, very trusting and forgiving.  Perfect for advance and expect skiers that can't get enough of deep snow
Overall Score
The amount of stability and top sheet rack appeal
This is a one trick pony but that's all it needs to be.

We got to test out the ultimate riding of a "fat boy" pair of skis winter, but a new specific women's version from Volkl - the Bash 116. They're a true freeride ski, built for playing in the domain of powder, but equally at home over bashed up snow that's full of lumps, jumps and humps. One thing for sure, they didn't give us the hump.

First up, on more mellow terrain they don't mind slow pace turns at all but occasionally it feels like you're fighting them to keep the speed down - they just want to go, go, go.

There's incredible floatation in deep snow and stability through the turns due to barely any side cut at all - which explains why they just want to just take off, so beware, expert freeride skiers only will handle that kind of pull. But of you know what you're doing, you'll gain confidence in every turn. Volkl has produced a big mountain ski and an expert skier will love the stability that they give.

Not designed for groomed slopes, in fact if they could speak you'd imagine they might balk at the thought of even stepping onto a pisted slope, but they at least do you justice on the way home when all you want to do is get down fast and start the après sessions.

Not only that, they also give you that 'check me out' kinda swagger as they have the hottest top sheet on the market.

There is a lot of ski so you pay the price as it hit middle ground with the freeride category but worth it for the thrill and excitement you can have on them.

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