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The Volkl Code L are aimed at recreational to advanced skiers, but with full-on race looks, we ask if there's more under the bonnet. Let's find out.
volkl code l
Advanced, Expert
Best for
An advanced to expert skier who stays mainly on-piste, but is happy for the occasional dip off the side.
164, 171, 178, 185
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
Super stable at speed. Great looking ski and made with good old Volkl quality.
The weight, they are a heavy ski, but at least this adds to their stability.

'Code L' sounds all a bit cryptic doesn't it? All a bit cloak and dagger - what exactly are Volkl trying to tell us? But forget the name - take one look at these skis and you know exactly what they're for.
The 'Race Department' at Volkl has produced the Code range to bridge the gap between race and the all mountain ski category and have hit the nail cleanly on the head.

Considering they're not aimed at the highest level of skier, Volkl pack a lot of ski into the Code L. At higher speeds, they really want to go, go, go and go fast, remaining extremely stable even in the 171 length we got to test. The longer lengths would be a handful and not for the faint hearted.

The tip rocker (Volkl were the first to introduce a tip rocker into piste skis when everyone else thought they were for powder skiing only) allows a smooth and easy entry into the turn, but once you're there, the 76mm waist takes over, giving you a very smooth and solid platform to stand on throughout the carve combined with a whole world of power at your fingertips (or your toes as the case might be).

Due to their width and power, they're not the easiest to handle in shorter radius turns, though perform well in cut up snow and variables, handling moguls with honor due to the rockered tip helping to make life easier, though they prefer a smooth surface if they can get it.

Then longer 178cm version is a different story all together, so the 171cm was right choice for us (Testers height at 173 and 177). The Code L has a big bro called the Pro, aimed at the expert skier - we can only imagine they would be a hell of a ride.

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