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The RTM (Ride The Mountain) range from Volkl skis includes all the elements required for an all mountain ski and we tested the 81mm version during our 2015 on snow ski test.

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All Mountain
Best for
Advanced and expert skiers looking for on-piste performance
Overall Score

Ride The Mountain - it's what Volkl Skis RTM range aspires to do and the 81 (81mm under foot) sits towards the upper end of the range in terms of skier ability.

It's also one of the most versatile; powerful and solid on-piste but with enough width to provide an excuse to go and find that powder lurking in the trees.

Their edge hold on hardpack snow felt second to none in the all mountain category for our team during the on snow tests. The same goes for the liveliness you get from the skis in the turn, they are quick, light and feel like a super sprung Zebedee that never wants to stop.

They feel equally as happy in both long and short radius turns - the only area where they let you down a little as at lower speeds where you feel you need to work them a bit harder. They are without doubt a ski for advanced and expert skiers and would suit instructors who want something meaty and versatile to enjoy with or without clients.

There's a wood core construction that's reinforced with a steel plate and a rockered tip to help turn initiation and gives a little extra float in softer snow, but in moguls they still feel a little stiff and would not favour a recreational skier attempting to learn bumps for the first time.

At their heart, they are an on-piste carver that pretends it can handle everything else on the mountain too. The thing is, it manages to do that exceptionally well.

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