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We test the all-mountain capable Volkl Yumi 80.

Volkl Yumi 80 2023 ski
All Mountain
Best for
Perfect for someone who will ski maybe once a year, and occasionally dip into the soft snow
147, 154, 161, 168
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
Once-a-year improvers with modest ambitions off piste
Volkl's confusing marketing

Let's clear up the categorisation issue. Volkl appears to have unilaterally done away with the all-mountain category as a standalone thing - it is now merely an adjunct to their piste (sorry, piste/all mountain) skis. This results in them having to categorise an 80mm waisted, piste-biased, all-mountain ski (which is what anyone else would call it) in 'Freeride.' Which is a stretch.

The Yumi 80 is an easier, lighter ski for a recreational skier and the modest off-piste capabilities it offers will appeal to someone who skis piste 80% of the time but might venture into some fresh snow at the side of a cruisey blue run. To clarify; it's not a freeride ski.

But for a confident blue run skier who enjoys the occasional mellow off-piste, this is a great ski. It's not as smooth as the Yumi 84, and not as comfortable at high speeds, but the comparisons with its bigger sister are inevitable. As is the fact it costs £100 less, and with that in mind is every bit as good value. The triple turn radius design allows for easy turn initiation and a hugely encouraging way to develop your carving technique while never feeling out of control.

It's also a good-looking ski - not hugely girly, and in fact pretty cool for a recreational model (which often isn't the case). And at the price, it's a steal.

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