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Pete Coombs caught up with three times X-Games gold medallist Jenny Jones, ahead of this seasons Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia, to talk of life, slopestyle and recycling.
jenny jones snowboarder
Snow - How would you best describe Slopestyle Snowboarding?

Jenny Jones - Snowboarder comes down through a course of jumps and rails but its not a race or timed. The rider performs tricks on the different features and is judged on the difficulty of the trick, how well they execute the trick, the style and the flow through the course.

Snow - You took silver in the first World Cup Slopestyle event of the season, in New Zealand, do you feel you’re on top form right now, or is there more to come?

JJ - That result was a bit of a surprise and I was stoked to make it onto the podium but I felt I wasn't doing my best tricks due to the terrible conditions, which i think was the same for most of the girls. It was more about landing on your feet in the difficult weather. With good conditions I hope that I would try some more difficult tricks. Again this depends on the contest though and you never know what the day is going to throw at you.

Snow - You’ve had some knockbacks due to injury. When approaching a major event, such as an Olympics or X Games, do you take extra care beforehand, or do you think that not being totally committed is when you get hurt?

JJ - I don't think I take extra care but I definitely don't take MORE risks before a contest. I just assess the day and how its going and this decides how hard I push it. I think injuries can happen anywhere and anytime, you can try to reduce your chances but you can't completely avoid them.

Snow - What did you think when you heard that slopestyle was going to make its first appearance in the 2014 Olympics?

JJ - I initially was shocked as I really didn't believe it would and then I wondered to myself whether I would like to try and qualify for them.

Snow - How will you feel if you get to pull on a Team GB bib, at the Olympics in Sochi?

JJ - I think it would be a new experience for me to represent my country in a sport - something I have never done.

Snow - How do you deal with gaining enough funding to compete/travel, and how did winning 3 X-Games gold medals change things for you?

JJ - I get great support from my sponsors Oakley, Salomon, relentless energy drinks, Pentax and Nixon. I felt a great achievement from winning the x games as it had been my goal for a while. I am not sure what it changed, I carried on getting good support from my sponsors and this meant I could keep progressing in my riding which is the best feeling. 

Snow - if you could snowboard anywhere on a perfect powder day, where would it be and why?

JJ - I have never been to Alaska so maybe there as I hear so much about it as well as the endless snowfall in Japan. I have only been to Japan for one contest but it would be amazing to go there on a freeride powder trip as my friends talk about it soooo much .

Snow - How do you fill your summers?

JJ - Surfing. I love surfing in the UK down in Devon and Cornwall, I enjoy packing up my VW van and taking weekends camping and getting in the ocean.

Snow - What is your favourite snowboard film and why?

JJ - I actually don't have a favourite film but I love watching Jussi, i just like his style and he was who I watched when I was growing up in snowboarding.

Snow - If you could give one piece of advice to any aspiring snow sports athlete, what would it be?

JJ - Enjoying riding for yourself not necessarily to be a pro. You will gain most satisfaction from progressing your riding.

Snow - When you stop competing do you plan to stay in the snowboard industry, or do you have plans outside the sport?

JJ - No idea just yet 'eekkkkk!'.

Snow - Altered Google Ego - When you search for Jenny Jones on Google you get Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb, a Green Party member of the London assembly. Do you turn off lights and recycle?

JJ - Hahahahaha yep I recycle my tins and plastic and use energy saving light bulbs PHEW. I wonder if Jenny from the Green Party has tried a backside 360 yet.... Hehe
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