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The Cébé Peak goggles are a bit of a snip at £80 with a spare lens and the option to switch lenses easy, but how does it stand up to testing on the mountain?
cebe peak
Overall Score
Come with two interchangeable lenses
Slightly fiddly changing the lens, but that's being picky

The first thing you'll notice about the Cébé Peak goggles, which are designed for large faces, is that they come with two lenses (although you may also notice they look pretty good too). You get a dark rose silver mirror category 3 lens and a yellow flash mirror category 1 lens, and the lenses can be changed quite easily on the go.

To change the lens, you push the outriggers forward, push out the lens, slot the replacement in, snap the outriggers back into place and away you go; in effect you'll be ready for pretty much any conditions as long as you keep the spare lens on you.

You do need to remove your gloves to change the lens, and it is a little bit fiddly, but not annoyingly so, and considering the price of the Peak this is a good deal.

In addition, the lenses feature a polycarbonate outer lens/Acetate inner lens, which is the best double lens solution against fogging, and the spherical cut gives good peripheral vision and a wide field of vision, despite the quite wide frame.

The combination of articulated outriggers and silicone strips inside the goggle straps ensures a good fit on most helmets, and the fleece layer backing the single layer face foam feels soft and snug against your face.

Indeed, given the price and the versatility of the Cébé Peak they are hard to fault on any level.

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