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When reviewing the Panda Funnel goggles it felt as if we were getting two for the price of one! As the Panda Funnel Goggles come with both grey polarised lenses and a set of low light Maize Yellow HD lenses.
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Skiing, snowboarding
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There's no outer rim to the Panda Funnel frames, making for a very good field of vision and an extremely easy, and fast, change of lenses. Simply pull the lenses away firmly from the comfortable, yet pliable, frames, and then slot in your second set. Couldn't be easier.

The Funnel's "wide-rig" elasticated strap allows for a perfect fit on all helmets, and the double buckle strap also allows for easy adjustment with a firm hold. The triple wave silicone grip holds really tight and prevents any movement of the goggles once on the helmet, head or hat.

A high spec set of goggles with great field of vision, and the added bonus of a set of low light lenses too.

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