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The Salomon Four Seven goggles we reviewed come with Category 1-3 SILS lens designed to offer a large field of vision and a high degree of clarity in variable light conditions.

salomon four seven
Overall Score
We liked the retro styling and the great lens with its medium to wide field of vision and its neutral image.
We were not so buzzed by the slightly narrow nose piece which could press on the nostrils at times and would be a real issue if you had a broad shnozz.

Unlike some of the ultra bug-like goggles out there, the Four Sevens are retro inspired full-framed goggles designed specifically to celebrate Salomon's 70th birthday.

In 1947 Salomon started making ski kit and those of you with long memories will recognise the distinctive red and blue banding and white/blue 70's logo on the Four Seven Red. If you buy one of the Four Sevens, Salomon will donate to its own Foundation that supports mountain families in need. A great initiative but the details are a little hazy in terms of percentages. Some CSR clarity is required.

Whilst this is all very lovely, you still need to be able to see into the future and where you are pointing yourself out on the hill. The light sensitive Category 1-3 lens works well in both low light and sunnier conditions and despite some slight flattening of the blacks is a very impressive lens indeed. There also seems to be minimal image sift or distortion from this neutral lens which minimises any need for pre or post wearing eye adaption.

The Four Seven's frame has a small proud plastic rim which although not ultra trendy is unobtrusive and provides some protection from stretching when wearing a helmet. Despite claims offering a very wide field of vision, we have seen better but these super wide options are sometimes not so compatible with helmets. All in all, the Four Sevens are a great pair of goggles with a very good all-round lens that negates the need to carry a bad light option on the dullest flattest days.


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