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As long term fans of Smith goggles we were super excited to take a look at the brand's latest technology and put the new I/O 7's to the test.

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Say goodbye to those claustrophobic, awkward 'my goggles are too tight and I can't get them over my helmet' moments with Smith's QuickFit strap adjustment with clip buckle.
The interchangeable lens system takes a while to get to grips with - we recommend changing the lenses in the warmth of a car/apartment/restaurant rather than out on the hill!


The I/O 7 is Smith's top of the range goggle designed for skiers and snowboarders with medium sized faces looking for the very latest in eyewear technology. From anti-fog technology to the 3 layer DriWix face foam, the I/O 7's are packed full of impressive features that will enable you to stay focused in a range of conditions.


Every single one of the 18 frame colour combinations comes with 2 interchangeable lenses that are switched using Smith's integrated quick release system. To change lenses, you simply release the two single-pivot quick release catches on the top of the lens, pop it out, slide in your new lens of choice and you're ready to shred again. Whilst it's not particularly tricky to make the transition, it does take a little bit of time to get the pieces all lined up so is best practiced at home and not on the top of the mountain in a freezing snowstorm with cold fingers!


The spherical carbon-x lenses themselves are straight out of the top drawer and provide an impressively wide field of vision. If you opt for one of Smith's ChromaPop lenses then you're really in for a treat. ChromaPop technology filters two specific wavelengths of light that cause colour confusion and claims to deliver greater definition, more natural colour and unrivalled clarity. If you're looking for an all-round performer, the ChromaPop Sun Red Mirror works well on both sunny and cloudy days. Pair it with the low light specific ChromaPop Storm Rose Flash and you've got the whole spectrum of conditions covered.


What really impressed us about the I/O 7 is the priority Smith have given to delivering the optimum personalised fit. The Responsive Fit frame design feels natural across the face and there's zero creeping with the wide silicon backed strap. We particularly like that Smith use a buckle on the goggle strap as we find this makes the goggles easier to put on and remove over helmets and bobble hats.


Weighing in at an eye watering £230, the Smith I/O 7's might seem immediately intimidating but bear in mind that this does include two premium and complementary lenses with ChromaPop technology. Compared to other similarly priced goggles on the market that only include one lens, the Smith I/O 7's offer a genuinely top quality 2-for-1 kind of deal.





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