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We review Superfeet's merino wool ski boot insoles, which are versatile enough to be used year-round.
superfeet merino footbeds
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Keeping your feet warm in winter - and cool in summer
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Superfeet’s merino insoles are not specifically designed for ski or boarding boots but they work just fine with them – and there’s the advantage that you can take them out of your ski boots at the end of the season and put them in your hiking boots.

In fact the merino wool doubles that advantage, since its natural thermo-regulating properties keep your feet warm when it’s cold but when the warmer months arrive your feet remain comfortable as the wool keeps your plates of meat cooler in hot weather, wicking moisture away.

The naturally occurring lanolin in the wool also has an antibacterial property which keeps the insoles fresh for longer.

On top of this, Superfeet’s supportive ‘Foundation’ foam provides durable biomechanical support for your feet and also helps to absorb impact, whilst the ‘Encapsulating Stabilizer System’ (ESS) keeps you supported, aligned and comfortable and a deep heel cup also cradles your heel’s sexily named ‘fat pad’ to improve natural shock absorption.

The insoles need to be trimmed to fit your boots/feet but that’s all you need to do to make them ‘work’; I’ve been using ‘regular’ Superfeet insoles in my ski boots for years to great effect, so I reckon these will be well worth checking out once winter kicks in.

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