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We test Salomon's Iceglory pants against the claim to be "a super versatile insulated pant... for year-round skiing comfort."

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Overall Score
A dependable, no-nonsense ski pant with Salomon quality...
....on the other hand, kind of unremarkable.

In Salomon's line up of ski pants for 2020 the Iceglory sits roughly at mid-priced, and at first glance appears to be of a very basic design. Features are highly minimal but it couldn't be said Salomon are trying for a 'fast and light' item.

There are only 2 pockets (hip/handwarmer type) which seems inexplicable other than to save money and keep the price down. However they do have decent vents on the inside leg.

This is where the versatility claim doesn't hold up. Save for relaxed resort skiing there are very few scenarios where anyone would require trousers insulated to this degree, and the vents won't counteract the AdvancedSkin Warm insulation. They're neither burly enough for winter climbing nor ergonomic enough for cold hiking (and even if they were it would need to be seriously cold!)

That's because the insulation is very effective and although there's lots of it, it's not too much for the average resort skier, and this is a major selling point of the Iceglory; they really are toasty. They're also pretty stylish, with a nice soft drape to the face fabric - which combined with the cosiness makes them very comfy. The cut is nice and relaxed too.

Another huge selling point is the endless colour options available! And there is a clue as to why these pants are kind of pared back - Salomon are going for mass appeal, and with their usual levels of quality throughout they manage to elevate the basic to something that really will be perfect for the majority of casual resort skiers.

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