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The Highline range from Quiksilver represents the brand's most technical offerings; we test the Altostratus Bib and its performance promises.
quiksilver altostratus 2l gore tex bib
Overall Score
The look and feel is fairly unique
A little niche. Better value - and specs - are available

The Altostratus Bib from Quiksilver is designed to get you into the backcountry with techy features for active riders. The fabric is light and the membrane is a 2 layer Gore-Tex; not the highest performing of Gore-Tex's offerings but combined with the lightweight face fabric the breathability will cope with high output activity and the weather proofing is superb.

The listing on Quiksilver's website mentions Primaloft insulation as one of the features, which is erroneous. For those seeking minimalism, rest assured these are shell pants.

Another questionable aspect of Quiksilver's description is the term 'lean.' Whilst the Altostratus is lightweight overall, gram counters will likely see a few too many features; lots of pockets and adjustment options for example, which some may see as unnecessary.

The main thing adding weight to these pants though is the sheer volume of material; they're as baggy as any park-rat-pants without even having to be low-slung around your knees. Quiksilver perhaps need to be true to a younger audience but they will struggle to find new customers among seasoned backcountry riders - apart from the weight, the bagginess is simply too impractical in many situations, and gives far too much room for cold air to linger inside.

Despite the baggy fit and the many features, the Altostratus still manages to feel remarkably light and minimal. The face fabric helps in that and is fairly unique in managing to bring to mind old-fashioned plasticky over-trousers, while still being very breathable. The workman-like looks will be to taste, but for their target market, these pants are bang-on. Freestyle looks with features for the backcountry.

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