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Black Crows has released the new Daemon Birdie women's skis for 2018, but are they scary or sweet? Let's find out in our review below.
black crows daemon birdie
All Mountain
Best for
Advance and Expert women skiers who don't want a hard ski but want something playful for off-piste riding
157, 164, 170, 177
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
The stability of the skis when riding in variable terrain.
The effort involved to ski on piste, due to large waist and reverse camber

Chamonix based Black Crows lovingly produce the kind of skis you'd happily have on your wall at home - the simple design is clever and runs through the entire range, you can spot BC skis from a mile off and their cult status adds to their aura and therefore their owners too.

But get them off the rack and onto the snow as soon as you can, because it's here that they really prove their pedigree lies far deeper than the depth of their skin.

This new for the 2017-18 winter season Daemon Birdie (Birdie for women's version) has a completely reversed camber, aimed at grip under the foot. This makes for extra play (super fun) in off piste powder snow conditions and excellent stability in variable snow - but they struggle on hard pack piste as a result.

Although they labelled as all mountain skis, we feel they suit a freeride fan far more than anything else - but the playful, highly responsive and quick turning nature of them in the hands (or feet) of an athletic, strong and technically skilful skier will produce results very few other skis in the category can. They nip and the zip around like a dream and are just so much fun to ride.

Once again that smart and cool looking top sheet is a favourite of the Snow Magazine test team and it's thumbs up for the Daemon's - just beware that if you're looking for all mountain skis with solid piste performance, especially at higher speeds on hard snow, then they should be avoided.

But the pluses are far too good to worry about that - not the cheapest skis on the market, but worth the money.

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