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The new Speed Zone series from Dynastar is its on-piste offering with versions for all ability levels. We review the Ti16 version, the model sitting right at the top of the range.
dynastar speedzone ti16 piste
Best for
High performance piste skiing for experts and pros on groomed slopes only
Low speed
Edge hold
High speed
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The Speedzone is a high performance slalom ski for the masses - which cuts through the snow like a knife through apple strudel - smoothly, quickly and with a swipe that dismisses any kind of resistance offered. Freeze it up and you'll get similar results - these skis love the ice and will ask for more, turning what's often a skier's nightmare into the stuff of dreams.

But, they will also demand your full attention, so you'll need to be on top of your game. It's a bit like getting on a thoroughbred race horse when you've never ridden before - they can sniff the fear and attempt to throw you off, just for fun.

With a 13 metre turn radius, the Ti16 is effectively a slalom ski that's built for expert skiers who like the groomed slopes but don't necessarily race. Performance in short radius turns is exceptional, but they are also happy to open up and enjoy a longer, faster turn. With an 'active wood core' and fibro/metal top sheet, the torsional rigidity is solid - the small tip rocker just helping to tip the skis into their turn, relieving a little bit of the pressure on the rider to be constantly giving 100% aggression at all times.

So are they for you? If you're an instructor (yes), if you're an ex racer (yes), if you're an advanced skier who can really carve their turns well and enjoy short radius on hard pistes (yes) - if you're just learning to carve (no), if you prefer skiing off-piste (no), if you like cruising around from café to restaurant (no).

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